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Praixinvestgroup is a registered company that is into Property Management and Investment

We have professional managers that manage our services. We have staff force of over 4,000 staffs with partners all over the world.

We are deeply rooted, dynamic and complex. We do all our work by collaborating with companies, institutions, government and individuals.

We are experts in Property Management and Investment and has been in business for years.

We engage our clients in a spirit of trust, candid communication and transparency. Our group of companies deals on both long and short financial goals recognized as one of the fastest growing company in the world.

Our business is structured to benefit those that want to do business with us.

Property Management

we care about our residents, clients, and partners — and it shows. Our focus on people, genuine relationships, and shared values has created a unique and defining company culture — one that stresses going “Beyond Expectations” in everything we do.

Our teams are key to that culture, so we also strive to hire the best people in the business. “Our Core Values and our people are the heart of everything we do,” Though times and technology change, it’s our people who have made Praixinvestgroup the global leader in Property Management.


Praixinvestgroup is multinational group of company that is into Investment of all types.The global leader in Investment Management with expertise in Investment sectors across multiple geographies. The company’s business model is unique in its ability to own, operate, and develop collegiate, multifamily, corporate, across the globe. Building a global platform with a local presence, Praixinvestgroup continues to expand its geographic reach around the world, bringing a globally interconnected professional Investment services and industry funded with institutional capital to countries where the sector does not yet exist.

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